Heavy Horse Rugs - What Are They?

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Draft horse breeds usually stand between 14.2 and 18.2 hands high and often weigh between 600 and 1000 kg.

Originally these breeds were used for heavy work or pulling loads, although nowadays, they are usually recreational horses utilized mainly for carriage driving, but also popular as ridden horses. 

These breeds are also commonly mixed with breeds like the thoroughbred, or Arabian to create middle-weight sport horses that have more bone than a thoroughbred, and calmer dispositions.

Difficulty with fit

Since heavy horses (and some warmbloods) were originally used to pull big loads, they have a unique shape that can make fitting rugs more difficult. 

With muscled conformation, enormous chests and rounded apple-shaped hindquarters, these horses look very different to many finer riding breeds. This means it can be tricky to find a model that fits correctly. 

Heavy horses need extra room around the shoulders and extra length on each side of their rug for them to be comfortable - sizing up sometimes means too much length (these horses are often short-coupled) so it pays to shop around to find the right product and measure the horse to ensure a good fit. 

Rugs for heavy horses

Our big horse rug is made specifically for draft and heavy horse breeds with big shoulders that usually need to 'size up' in order to correct the right fit.

We have spoken a lot previously about why it is important to have a well fitting rug and how to measure for a horse rug to get all the benefits and ensure no discomfort is experienced by the horse. This is why it is so important to get a rug that is designed for heavy horses so you can be sure that your horse will not suffer from rubbing and discomfort.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of horse rugs we have on offer, or want to see our rug size guide to help you get the right fit - then we have articles on both of those topics.

If you are looking for a great fly rug for big horses, check out our: ALLROUNDER FLY RUG COMBO | BIG HORSE


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