Fly rugs for horses with big shoulders

Fly rugs for horses with big shoulders

The purpose of using a fly rug has been well documented, with the core benefits being keeping your horse cool in the hot months and protecting them from the sun, flies and midges.  

But what is most important about that rug is that it fits correctly. A well fitting horse rug will maximise its effectiveness and provide the most comfort to the horse, and the more your horse likes it the less likely they will be to try to remove it.

Having it fit well will ensure that it does not rub or cause any discomfort. Horses come in many shapes and sizes and so how do know you are buying the right size? First read our guide on how to measure a horse for a rug.

Heavy Horse Rug Options

If your horse is broader in the chest and shoulder, you'll need a blanket that provides more room in this area. Often these also have more length on the sides than the average horse blanket to ensure they cover the entire body and accommodate to the all-round largeness of the horse.

We have a specific rug made for heavy horses to allow for the perfect fit when our normal fly rug just wont cut it. Learn more about our Heavy Horse Fly Rug.

Rug For Horses with Big Shoulders

A common trait of many horses is having big shoulders, often the are bigger in this area but are 'normal' sized in other areas making the Heavy Horse Rug not suited for them.

What we recommend is going up one size than what our guide says, this will provide enough room across the chest and shoulders while not being too long in other areas. We have many sizes in our range so the change from one to the next is not dramatic and it will still fit well.

Not only do we recommend this but it was also recommended by Everything Horse Magazine when they gave our horse rug a glowing review where they called it "the perfect, lightweight rug for the changeable British summertime". Read the full review here.

Our standard All Rounder rug is the option for big shouldered horses, see it here. Constructed using a 50/50 cotton/poly blend which provides the perfect balance between strength and comfort for your horse. In hot environments.

Where To Start

If you are new to horse rugs and are wanting to get your head around them and what each does, read our article on types of horse rugs which will quickly get you up to speed on the main options in the horse rug world.

After Purchase Care

Once you have your rug/s, you want to make sure they stay in good condition and don't need to be replaced.

The two most important things to ensure the long life of you rugs are cleaning and storing. See our topics about how to clean your horse rug and also find some inspiration with our fly rug storage ideas.