Fly rugs for horses with big shoulders

Fly rugs for horses with big shoulders

No matter what rug you put on your horse, the important thing is that it fits correctly. But not all horses are built the same way are they?

Horse rug for big shoulders

Fit is often an afterthought when buying a new rug, but taking the time to make a few extra measurements will ensure your horse is comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Horses come in so many shapes and sizes buying the right size is as important as buying the right type of rug. A well-fitted rug won't twist to the side, come forward or move back behind the withers. Have a read-up on our guide about how to measure a horse for a new rug.

Horse fitting options when rugging for big shoulders

If your horse is a cob, a heavy horse or a chunky baroque type like a PRE or Lipizzaner, he will likely be broader in the chest, around the shoulders and in the backend compare to other horses. That means you'll need a blanket that provides more room to prevent rubbing: we designed a heavy horse rug with more length on the sides than the average horse rug to ensure it wraps around the generous form of our heavy horse and chunky cob customers. 

While we have a specific design made for the chunky horses which are larger all-round, the rest of our rugs can be upsized to fit horses that only have big shoulders but are otherwise regular-sized (like standardbreds or trotters).  

Our standard All Rounder rug is another option for those big-shouldered horses, that are otherwise sized normally. See it here. Constructed using a 50/50 cotton/poly blend this rug provides the perfect balance between strength and comfort for your horse. Again, this rug can be upsized one size for horses that require more room around the front only. 

Need another reason to consider our rugs?

Everything Horse Magazine gave our mid-weight horse rug a glowing review and called it "the perfect, lightweight rug for the changeable British summertime". Read the full review here.

Ps if you haven’t read them before, check out our posts on how to clean your horse rug and rug storage ideas.


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