AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Review by 'Everything Horse' Magazine

AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Review by 'Everything Horse' Magazine

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AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review

Claiming to be heat and fly-protective, we put the AniMac Fly Rug to the test. Here’s what we thought!

On first impressions, was a life-saver for the changeable weather of the UK. Designed trialed, and tested in New Zealand, we were reassured that this rug would keep our horse cool and protected, even on the hottest days.

The rug (5ft 9) fitted our tester, a 14.3hh anglo-arab, extremely well. Often experiencing difficulty to find a rug to fit her narrow shoulders and smaller frame, we were pleasantly surprised that the rug fitted like a glove. However, we do recommend that for heavy-breed horses or horses with wide shoulders, to size up!

The poly-cotton panel, which sits across the top of the neck, back, and chest, are thicker than your average mesh fly rug. Although the natural-synthetic material blend was tough, it was extremely breathable too. With our tester having more sensitive skin, not only did the gentle blend sit comfortably, the breathability of the fabric ensured there was not adverse reaction, even on the hottest’s of days. Meanwhile, the opaque fabric ensure full protection from flies, with not a bite in sight!

The mesh running across the borders of this rug gave us peace of mind that any breeze would be well-received. With a satin-lining under the neck, across the chest and on the tail flap, rubbing was non existent! Plus, shoulder gussets ensured our tester could gallop, buck, and graze with ease.

The rug only had neck, chest, and leg strap fastenings. Despite having no surcingles, the secure buckles and clips kept the rug firmly in place. This rug did not shift out of place once!

We further trialed the design on warm, wet days. In light showers, we found that our tester dried quickly, as if they did not have a rug on at all!


  • + Perfect fit for fine-breed horses and narrow shoulders.
  • + Poly-cotton fabric and mesh panels provides breathable but full protection from flies.
  • + Did not irritate sensitive skin.
  • + Satin lining and shoulder gussets for a comfortable, free fit.
  • + Secure fastenings.


  • – Size up for heavy-breed horses or horses with wide shoulders.


The AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo is the perfect, lightweight rug for the changeable British summertime. The breathable fabric blends protect even the most sensitive skin from flies and irritation. All the while, the rug maintains comfort, durability, and functionality. A perfect fit for finer breeds, size-up for optimal fit on heavier breeds!

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