AniMac | About Us

AniMac designs and supplies animal wear products with animal comfort in mind. Our products are made from both natural and synthetic materials. 
Who We Are
Nathan Thorowgood is the founder of AniMac and has been involved with the manufacturing and retailing of horse rugs for 20 years. Originally from New Zealand, Nathan is the third generation of his family business which have been manufacturing horse rugs and saddles since the late 1960's. George Thorowgood was born and joined the family business late 2018 and is the 4th Generation to attend rural shows and events. Gemma is currently an english teacher and carer for Georgeous George, but plans to help in the family business more in the future. 
What We Do
We primarily design and supply animal wear using natural and synthetic materials. We have started with horse rugs and calf jackets but are looking into coats for sheep, goats and even Alpacas. Our network of manufacturers allows us to develop and import our products directly to our chosen markets. The savings we enjoy by working directly with the manufactures and efficiency in our supply chain means we can pass these savings onto our customers. Often providing a better product for the same or lower price. 
Why Work with Us?
Adaptable to a global marketplace, committed to selling only the best, and dedicated to using our experience to the benefit of our customers, we hope to earn your business. For more information about AniMac, our team and process, please contact us directly at