how to measure a horse for a rug

how to measure a horse for a rug

Trying to figure out how to measure a horse for a rug?

When it comes to horse rugs, it's important to get one that fits correctly. Whether your horse needs a rug to keep them warm and dry during the winter or one so they stay fly-free and cool in the summer we can help. 

Follow our handy guide will show you how to measure your horse for a rug and fit it on them, so that they are comfortable and get the most benefit out of the rug.

Why It’s Important To Get The Right Fit

When you're dealing with horse rugs, it's important to remember that size does matter. A wrong-sized rug won't stay in place and could leave your horse uncomfortable.

A poorly fitting rug can cause discomfort and chaffing which is the opposite of what you are wanting to get from a product you are purchasing purely to improve their comfort during the cold winter or hot summer months.

It is unlikely your horse will measure exactly to the sizes available, if this happens and they measure in between two sizes, it is better to get a larger rug rather than a smaller one. The same is said for broad horses as you want to ensure they maintain their freedom of movement.

How Do You Measure A Horse Rug?

We are based in the UK, but from New Zealand, where we measure our fly rugs in feet and inches along the back of the animal, neck to tail.

Take a soft tape measure as you want to follow the curvature of the back, if you only have a builder's type tape measure use a piece of string or rope to size it up and then measure that to figure out the correct size.

Measure along their back from wither to tail, if you prefer to figure out the sizing the UK way then measure from the chest to their rear end and use our chart to see which size they need. 

See our rug size chart here

Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Fit

The rug should sit just in front of your horse's withers, so it doesn't apply any pressure or rub. The rug should also have enough space for you to be able to fit your hand down the front, if you can't do this it is too tight and may cause discomfort.

Horses turn their backs to bad weather so you want the rug to reach the top of the tail to ensure their rear end is protected in the winter months and covered from sun in summer. At the same time the rug should not hang over the tail as this is too big and can cause problems.

Peace Of Mind On Getting The Right Fit

When you've bought the rug from AniMac, take it home and try it on your horse over a clean bed sheet or clean summer sheet to ensure it does get dirty while you are checking the fit. Have them do a little exercise to check their movement isn't not restricted and they look comfortable.

We want your horse to be comfortable so if the fit isn't quite right it is no problem if you want to change size. Simply return any of your items in original saleable condition within 30 days of receiving them and we will happily send out the correct size.

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