AniMac Horse Rugs Size Guide

AniMac Horse Rugs Size Guide
All over the world people measure horse rugs in different ways, along the back, around the chest and hind legs or by weight. 
We are based in the UK, but from New Zealand, where we measure our fly rugs for horse turnout rugs along the back of the animal, neck to tail, then work out the correct conversion.
If you get confused or have any questions about our horse rug size guide, please get in touch.


Produced to protect horses who struggle to keep cool in warmer weather. AniMac Horse Rugs are tried and tested in New Zealand, functional and hard-wearing.

NOTE: These measurements are intended for use as guide only. We recommend you measure your horse first for increased accuracy. For standard size horses, this guide will be accurate. You can go up 1 size for broad horses, we also have specialist rugs for heavy horses
AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide
AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide for Fly Rugs and Lightweight horse rug
Once you have purchased your rug ensure it lasts longer and remains comfortable for your horse by regularly cleaning it, we have a horse rug cleaning guide to walk you through how to do it. 
When not in use also be sure to properly store the rug to increase its longevity and to make life easier when you need to use it again. See our horse rug storage ideas if you need some inspiration on what you want to incorporate into your tack room.

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