AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo
Allrounder Fly Rug Combo | Standard
Allrounder Fly Rug Combo | Standard
Horse Fly Rugs AniMac
Horse Rugs AniMac
Horse Rugs AniMac
Horse Fly Rugs AniMac
Allrounder Fly Rug Combo | Standard
anti static fly rug
fly rug cotton
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Allrounder Fly Rug Combo | Standard

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Constructed to protect horses all summer long.

AniMac Horse Rugs are tried and tested in New Zealand, functional and hard-wearing.

New Zealand rugs are world-renowned for their durability, breathability and comfort - and this rug is no different. 

Our AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo is a best-selling, premium horse product. Purposefully designed as a lightweight and breathable fly rug, it has been made using a 50/50 cotton/poly blend which provides the perfect balance between strength and comfort for your horse. 

In hot environments, the AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug provides protection against insects and reflects the sun to keep your horse cooler than mesh fly rugs. Available from 5'3 UK (3'9 NZ) to 7'3 UK (5'9).

  • Highly breathable, lightweight and strong.
  • Cotton/Poly Fabric that is anti-static.
  • Satin Lined under Neck, Chest and Tail Flap to prevent rubbing and sores. 
  • Mesh Inserts for increased airflow. 
  • Surcingle-free design with Metal Leg Straps for added comfort. 
  • Safely Machine Washable at 30C. 

Please note, that some of the packaging only shows NZ sizing on the sticker. (Wither to tail - eg 5'0 NZ = 6'6 UK) The warehouse guys pick correctly 99.9% of the time so chances are you have the right size. 

Read an independent review of our Allrounder Fly Rug by 'Everything Horse' magazine where they said raved about it including saying:

"the perfect, lightweight rug for the changeable British summertime"

Read another review on the Fly Rug by 'Your Horse' Magazine where they did a 5-week trial and said:

"I like this rug a lot. I love the design and it looks smart, feels well-made and is sturdy enough to stand up to normal field hi-jinks."


    All over the world people measure animals in different ways, along the back, around the chest and hind legs or by weight. 

    We are based in the UK, but from New Zealand, where we measure all of our products along the back of the animal, neck to tail, then work out the correct conversion. If you get confused or have any questions about our sizing, please get in touch.



     Standard size horses this guide will be accurate. 

    NOTE: These measurements are intended for use as guide only. We recommend you measure your horse first for increased accuracy. Our patterns are standard to generous fit. You can go up 1 size for broad horses.


    AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide

    AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide



    Measurements are taken along the back, neck to tail. 

    Smaller Breeds like Jersey's can use the small size for new borns. 

    Holstein's would use the medium for new borns and small for premature & twins. 

    Larger Breeds like Belgium Blue's would be better using the Large for new borns and medium for premature & twins. 

    Our New Zealand style canvas jackets are measured in feet and inches and tend to be used for longer periods outdoors during spring. (New Zealand Farming System)

    2'0 = 24" Medium , 2'3 = 27" Large , 2'6 = 31" X Large

    calf jacket supplier



    Measurements are taken along the back, neck to tail. 

    Rams will generally need 36" & 39" 

    Lambs will generally use 22" & 24" 

    Different breeds come in different shapes, but as long as the measurement along the back is used, we are in the right starting point. If the sheep breed is smaller in the front and not much of a chest, these may need to have a dart/ seam stitched into the neck area for a better fit. If the breed is very solid and extra chunky, you could go 1 size up to allow for the extra room needed. 

    AniMac Sheep Coat


    Length Conversions (Approx)
    0.9 11 28
    1.1 13 33
    1.3 15 38
    1.6 18 46
    1.9 20 50
    2.0 24 60
    2.3 28 70
    2.6 32 80
    3.0 36 90
    3.3 39 100
    3'6 42 105
    3'9 45 115
    4'0 48 120
    4'3 51 130
    4'6 54 135
    4'9 57 145
    5'0 60 150
    5'3 63 160
    5'6 66 165
    5'9 69 175
    6'0 72 180
    6'3 75 190
    6'6 78 200
    6'9 81 205
    7'0 84 215
    7'3 87 220
    7'6 90 230

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