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Super Calf Jacket | Waterproof
Super Calf Jacket | Waterproof
AniMac Calf jackets
AniMac Calf jackets
Calf Jackets AniMac
Super Calf Jacket | Waterproof
waterproof Calf jackets
Calf Jackets AniMac

Super Calf Jacket | Waterproof

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Produced to keep your newborn calves warm and dry. AniMac Calf Jackets support crucial weight gain, promote healthy immune systems and significant savings on feed & medication.

The AniMac Waterproof Super Calf Jacket is our best selling, premium calf product. Purposefully designed using advanced materials to create a waterproof, yet breathable calf jacket. The snug-fitting design ensures your calf remains warm and dry to support weight gain in those crucial first weeks. Available in four sizes, measured from base of neck to top of tail. Also suitable for sheep, goats and alpaca.
  • Waterproof and Breathable Calf Jacket (3000/3000)
  • Anti-Bacterial treatment on lining
  • 200gm Polyfill keeps calf warm and comfortable
  • Adjustable belly and leg straps keeping clear of navel, with easy to use plastic clip
  • Safely machine washable at 40C

Ask AniMac | FAQ

All over the world people measure animals in different ways, along the back, around the chest and hind legs or by weight. 

We are based in the UK, but from New Zealand, where we measure all of our products along the back of the animal, neck to tail, then work out the correct conversion. If you get confused or have any questions about our sizing, please get in touch.



 Standard size horses this guide will be accurate. 

NOTE: These measurements are intended for use as guide only. We recommend you measure your horse first for increased accuracy. Our patterns are standard to generous fit. You can go up 1 size for broad horses.


AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide

AniMac Horse Rug Size Guide



Measurements are taken along the back, neck to tail. 

Smaller Breeds like Jersey's can use the small size for new borns. 

Holstein's would use the medium for new borns and small for premature & twins. 

Larger Breeds like Belgium Blue's would be better using the Large for new borns and medium for premature & twins. 

Our New Zealand style canvas jackets are measured in feet and inches and tend to be used for longer periods outdoors during spring. (New Zealand Farming System)

2'0 = 24" Medium , 2'3 = 27" Large , 2'6 = 31" X Large

calf jacket supplier



Measurements are taken along the back, neck to tail. 

Rams will generally need 36" & 39" 

Lambs will generally use 22" & 24" 

Different breeds come in different shapes, but as long as the measurement along the back is used, we are in the right starting point. If the sheep breed is smaller in the front and not much of a chest, these may need to have a dart/ seam stitched into the neck area for a better fit. If the breed is very solid and extra chunky, you could go 1 size up to allow for the extra room needed. 

AniMac Sheep Coat


Length Conversions (Approx)
0.9 11 28
1.1 13 33
1.3 15 38
1.6 18 46
1.9 20 50
2.0 24 60
2.3 28 70
2.6 32 80
3.0 36 90
3.3 39 100
3'6 42 105
3'9 45 115
4'0 48 120
4'3 51 130
4'6 54 135
4'9 57 145
5'0 60 150
5'3 63 160
5'6 66 165
5'9 69 175
6'0 72 180
6'3 75 190
6'6 78 200
6'9 81 205
7'0 84 215
7'3 87 220
7'6 90 230

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