AniMac Calf Jacket Size Guide

AniMac Calf Jacket Size Guide
All over the world people measure animals in different ways, along the back, around the chest and hind legs or by weight. 
We are based in the UK, but from New Zealand, where we measure all of our products along the back of the animal, neck to tail, then work out the correct conversion. If you get confused or have any questions about our sizing, please get in touch.


Produced to keep your newborn calves warm and dry. Calf Jackets support crucial weight gain, promote healthy immune systems and significant savings on feed & medication. 

Measurements are taken along the back, neck to tail. 

Smaller breeds like Jersey's can use the small size for newborns. 
Holstein's would use the medium for newborns and small for premature & twins. 
Larger breeds like Belgium blue's would be better using the Large for newborns and medium for premature & twins. 
  • Small = 22"
  • Medium = 24"
  • Large = 28"
  • X Large = 32"

AniMac Waterproof Calf Jacket Size Guide


Our New Zealand style canvas jackets are measured in feet and inches and tend to be used for longer periods outdoors during spring. (New Zealand Farming System).

  • 2'0 = 24" Medium
  • 2'3 = 27" Large
  • 2'6 = 31" X Large