AniMac calf jacket in black on a jersey calf. Size medium calf blanket

Calf jackets keep calves warm in cold weather so they use their energy to grow rather than to stay warm. They are most often used for calves from birth to 4 weeks old. If used correctly, calf jackets can save you money on feed, medication, increase live weight and reduce deaths due to scours. At AniMac we have developed a range of calf jackets to compliment different seasons and farming styles. So which Calf Jacket will best suit you? We've broken down the technical and design elements of our AniMac Calf Jacket Range.


Our top of the line is the AniMac Super Calf Jacket. Warm, adjustable and waterproof, the Super Calf Jacket is a premium technical calf jacket made from top-grade materials. The product adjusts to follow the growth of your calf through easy to use clips and straps. Available in 4 sizes, Small for premature calves, all the way up to  to XL for larger breeds. 

Animc calf jacket in black, 4 sizes of calf blanket

The waterproof outer has a rubber laminate on the inside which has thousands of microscopic holes. This not only makes it waterproof, its also what makes it breathable. When the calf sweats, their vapour rises up into the poly fill. It is then slowly released through the microscopic holes keeping the moisture off the calf’s back so the calf stays dry and comfortable.

 animac super calf jacket. Best in black with waterproof outer calf blanket

The AniMac Super Calf Jacket has an effective breathable outer. The 600 denier outer material is tough enough to last for years, while the 200 gram polyfil makes it perfect for cold winters. The nylon lining which sits in the calf's coat has been treated with an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria attaching to the lining. It will keep your calves warm and dry, promoting a healthy immune system and weight gain.

 AniMc calf jacket in black. close up shot of calf blanket leg straps

Our innovative design allows you to remove or adjust the leg straps, giving you control to ensure a snug fit as your calf grows. With two loops to choose from, you can continue to maximise the benefits of the AniMac Super Jacket.  Made from strong plastic, the slider makes adjusting the jacket simple and fast. The plastic clip is machine wash friendly and designed to be quick and easy to use. 


AniMac Calf jacket waterproof calf blanket

Ideal for Spring, Autumn and mild Winters, the Kiwi Showerproof Calf Blanket is a unique hybrid design. It has all the features enjoyed by Europeans, blended with the ‘keep it simple’ ethos of New Zealand farming.

AniMac calf jacket kiwi showerproof calf blanket

Lightweight, simple and easy to use, the Kiwi Calf Blanket is based upon a 50 year old tried and tested New Zealand design. Produced with a showerproof outer of 100gm poly fill. The Kiwi Calf Blanket isn’t too thick warm, making it ideal for changeable mild weather. It is much less likely to sweat or overheat and is less technical than the AniMac Super Calf Jacket. 

 animac calf jacket showerproof calf blanket


AniMac calf jacket canvas wool lined calf blanket

Used by New Zealand dairy farmers for over 50 years, the canvas calf blanket is reliable and affordable. Designed in the shape of a square blanket, the AniMac Canvas Calf Blanket features two metal buckles, located at the front and back. A warm wool lining and neck protector provide warmth and comfort to your animal. Ideal for Spring, the 100% cotton canvas allows the calf to maintain a comfortable temperature when inside and outside.

AniMac Calf jacket canvas calf blanket with wool lining in blue

If it’s too cold to put your calves outdoors, costs for feeding and bedding add up. The canvas calf blanket bridges the gap by allowing you to put your calves outdoors, as soon as signs of spring arrive. The canvas material is warm enough to hold off a chill, but light enough to not over heat when the sun is shining. Originally designed to minimise the costs of winter feeding, and get your calves outside eating the grass as soon as possible.

AniMac calf jacket canvas calf blanket with simple front buckle


Now you've explored the AniMac Calf Jacket Range, you need to know how to measure your animal to get the right sized jacket. Watch Nathan share his simple method for measuring your calf or any animal.


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