Animal Coats - What are they and how can they help?

Animal Coats - What are they and how can they help?

Animal coats are a great addition to improving your animals wellbeing, especially for those young and older animals that have more trouble regulating their body temperature.

There are many benefits your animals can gain from wearing a coat, such as promoting a strong immune system, improving their growth rate and of course their general comfort. Learn about the advantages of animal coats and how it can help your animals.

What Are Animal Coats?

Animal coats are wearable jackets used on livestock and farm pets, most commonly horses, cows, calves, goats, sheep, lambs and alpacas. 

They help protect them from the weather during the cold months and also from the sun during summer. These coats are extremely helpful for newborns or those sick or injured. Animal coats provide assistance to animals in terms of their performance, growth, and overall health.

The importance of animal coats can positively affect your animals in a way that they properly regulate their body temperature, this will help them expend less energy which inturn requires them to eat less to maintain their ideal core temp. Animal coats also serve as a safeguard from sunburn and getting insect bites during summer, which is especially true for horses. 

They also are a great protector of their coat from becoming dirty, ideal for show animals where you want to keep them looking their best ready for the show day.

Benefits Of Animal Coats

There are several benefits from using coats that your farm and animals can gain. Here is the list of benefits you can expect when using animal coats correctly.

  • Protection 

As the weather changes, your animals work more to maintain their optimum temperature. Animals are more prone to getting sick in cold, rainy, and winter seasons, especially newborns who have yet to build up proper resistance. Animal coats add an extra layer of protection, not just from the weather but also against insects and damage from sharp objects.

  • Performance 
  • Animal coats boost your animal's performance. For instance, for young or newly born calves, they are quite susceptible to the cold so animal coats help keep them warm, cozy, and dry during their formative months. Studies have shown that animals using coats have higher growth rates as less of their energy is put into maintaining body temperature and more put into growth.

  • Prevention 
  • Animal coats help prevent various things such as diseases, sores, injury, and hypothermia. The warmer they stay, the better their health will be and the lower the mortality rate.

  • Savings
  • Animal coats do not only save your animals discomfort but also save money in feed, bedding and medication costs should an animal get ill.

    Common Product Features

    Here are some of the product features you can expect:

    Adjustable Belly Strap

    Animac’s coats are made with an adjustable belly strap that hugs the naval and does not impede their daily activities. With flexible straps the jacket can be adjusted to ensure a good fit as they grow, you can also keep track of your animal's growth by the belly strap.


    Animac’s coats are made from tough 660dn ripstop, which adds the feature of outer waterproofing to help protect from the wind and rain. 

    Lightweight And Durable

    Animac’s coats are lightweight, making them dry quickly after getting wet. They are made durable to last long and ensure you get many seasons out of them.

    Machine Washable

    All our coats are machine washable to make it easy to keep them in prime condition and free from bacteria, dirt and smells.


    Animac’s nylon lining has been heated with an anti-bacterial factor that prevents any bacteria from growing. 

    Animal Coats For:

    • Horses 

    There are many types of horse rugs which are suited for different situations and uses but the common purpose of all horse coats and pony rugs is to improve the comfort of your horse. There are options for cold weather and also hot summer giving multiple options for all year protection.

    Fly rugs for horses have the primary function to keep your horses protected from the sun which dulls dark coated horses and causes sunburn to light coloured ones. It also protects against insect bites which aside from being irritating could lead to inflammation or skin problems.

    • Calves 

    Calf jackets assist calves from cold stress and resistance during rainy or windy days, this allows their bodies to focus on growth rather than temperature moderation. 

    • Sheep & Lambs

    Sheep and lambs despite their fleece are not exempted from the cold and rainy weather, and they also benefit from sheep jackets and lamb coats. We have a lot of customers use the sheep coats to keep their fleece clean ready for shows.

    • Goats

    Goats can get chills in winter and tend to shiver if not able to get to a warmer environment. Goat coats help your goats retain body heat during cold winter months and also protect them from objects when they are being active out in the field. 

    • Alpacas & Cria

    Coats for alpacas can help your alpaca and crias through cold nights and bad weather. It keeps their wool clean and debris free while also helping the alpaca maintain a stable temperature.

    They are warm and provide storm protection that suits the alpaca perfectly with an adjustable strap and a tail string to hold the coat in place.

    Tips To Care For Your Animal Coats

    Animal coats last longer if they are taken care of properly. Here are some animal coat care tips that can help you maintain the efficiency of the coats and allow them to last many years.

    • Make sure that the animal and the coat are dry before putting it on them.
    • Adjust the straps as needed, make adjustments as they grow to ensure a good fit.
    • Check that no straps are loose that could catch on things or too tight that could chafe the skin.
    • During warm periods check that they are not sweating under the jacket.
    • At the end of each season wash the jackets and store them in a dry place ready for the next time they are needed.
    • Once a year check for any rips or tears. To make minor repairs you can use dental floss as a more durable option instead of normal thread. 

    A Final Note

    Animal coats assist during the winter and rainy seasons to improve their health and growth all while improving their comfort and overall well-being.


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