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Horse Fly Rugs by AniMac

Horse Rugs Designed In New Zealand

Our horse rugs have been designed and tested for New Zealand conditions. This means they have to be tough enough for full time outdoor use while providing protection from the elements.A fly rug combo offers ideal protection for horses who struggle to stay cool in warmer weather while also protecting them from insect bites.

See AniMac Director Nathan answer common questions around horse rugs.

When To Rug A Horse

When the weather gets warmer sun & insect protection become important to keep your horse comfortable during the summer months.

Lightweight & Durable Horse Rug

See the video for how securely it is on the horse allowing them to move freely while easily falling back into position to keep them covered.

How To Wash Horse Rugs

Our rugs are a 50/50 cotton-poly fabric meaning they are machine washable at 30°C.

How To Measure A Horse For A Rug

Our rugs are available in sizes : 5'0 to 7'3
See our horse rug sizing page for more information on this.

Common User Questions:

What Is A Horse Cooler Rug?

A horse cooler rug is the name used in New Zealand and Australia for what is called a Fly Rug in the Northern Hemisphere. Horses in NZ and Aus are kept outside 24/7 meaning the rug needs to be durable to last a lot of wear.

Does My Horse Need A Rug?

Horse rugs are great for light coloured horses that are more sensitive to the sun and can be prime to sunburn. For darker horses a fly rug stops their coat from fading, our rugs include a neck cover to keep their coat an even colouring.

Do Fly Rugs Keep Horses Cool?

Yes, the material of the fly rug reflects the sun rays to keep the horse cool.

Can Horses Wear Fly Rugs In The Rain?

Yes the rugs are very lightweight and highly breathable meaning they dry very quickly after getting wet.

What Is Better For A Horse Rug, Natural or Synthetic Fabric?

Both materials have advantages and disadvantages and we have found that a blend of both gives the best of both worlds. We have a full article on horse rug fabrics here.

Does The Colour Of My Horse Rug Matter?

The short answer is the darker the rug, the hotter the animal so summer rugs should be a light colour to regulate your horse's temperature. To learn more about this see our full article on horse rug colours.


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