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Q. New Zealand has much better weather than the UK, will your products be suitable to our conditions?

A. Absolutely. New Zealand and the UK actually have similar climates. On average, New Zealand has more sunshine hours and is around 2 degrees warmer during the year but experiences more rainfall by around 200mm. In NZ people tend to keep their animals outside all year round to face the elements, therefore products have to be durable for all weather conditions. Whereas in the UK they generally move their animals inside, especially in the colder months. Our products are more than suitable for UK conditions. 


Q. Why are your products cheaper than equivalent products on the market, are you compromising on quality?

A.  Not at all. Our prices are affordable because we buy direct from the manufacturers and sell direct to you. We use readily available, tried and tested materials that do the job. No expensive branding or customising materials which all add to the cost. Our manufacturing partners have been making 'Horse Spec' NZ rugs for years and the quality is top notch.


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