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Should canvas rugs make a comeback?

Canvas canvas vs synthetic horse rug NZ Canvas turnout rug

There was once a time, when the only option for your horse was a New Zealand Canvas horse rug. However, the market is now dominated by synthetic products and the use of natural materials, such as canvas appears to be on the brink of extinction. Yet, when you need a product that's weather-resistant, outdoor-ready, and tough as hell...a canvas horse rug should be amongst the top contenders. Years of approval from satisfied customers have earned this natural wonder, a place in the market.

At AniMac, we specialise in animal wear and believe customers should have a choice, including canvas. With 20 years experience in the equestrian industry in New Zealand, Animac feels it’s about time that canvas stops being overlooked. Like the UK, New Zealand experiences four seasons and changeable weather conditions. As a result of this, Animacs lightweight turnout rug is one of the most popular during Autumn, Spring and mild Summers. These rugs are ideal for riders who go to work and are unable to change their horses’ rug when the weather changes from warm to wet and vice-versa.

At AniMac we believe canvas provides an ideal balance of water resistance and breathability. With the added benefit of being super tough and offering its owners a long life duration. Moreover, cotton has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly in comparison to synthetic products.

The canvas horse rug Animac has made available in the UK is a traditional design that has been used in New Zealand for almost 20 years. Nathan Thorowgood, Director of AniMac said “The lightweight turnout rug is a simple yet functional canvas rug. It is the equivalent of no fill waterproof turnout, in terms of when you might use it. I believe canvas is a fantastic material to use for animal wear and we need to start bringing the traditional canvas design into the 21st century.”

By Nathan Thorowgood

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