Should canvas rugs make a comeback?

Canvas Horse Rugs New Zealand

AniMac is bringing canvas rugs back to the UK with its tried and tested rugs developed in New Zealand.

There was once a time where the only option was a New Zealand Canvas, however, the UK horse rug market is now dominated with synthetic materials and the use of natural materials like canvas seem to be extinct. However, when you want a product that is weather-resistant, outdoor-ready, and tough as hell, canvas is a great choice and should definitely have a place in the market.

AniMac believes canvas is the best mix of being waterproof and breathable with the added benefit of being super tough and should last for years. 

The canvas rug AniMac is bringing into the UK is a traditional design that has been used in New Zealand for over 20 years. Nathan Thorowgood, director of AniMac says “I believe canvas is a fantastic material to use for animal wear
and we need start bringing the traditional canvas design into the 21st century”


See AniMac's Range of New Zealand Style Horse Rugs Here


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