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The Animak Guide: What's Your Horse Type?

What’s Your Horse Type? Choose the right rug to suit your Horse

If you own a horse then you will know how important horse rugs are. These pieces of equipment have a number of different uses from keeping your horse warm and dry to keeping it clean and dust free in the summer. Some rugs even offer you a combination of these uses.

As well as being functional and having a purpose, horse rugs can also look stylish and make you and your horse look fashionable.

Here at Animak, we have a range of rugs available to purchase. There are many different types that are all useful in their own way.

Choosing the right rug for your horse is vital and the team at Animak have made things easier for you by

The Animak team have explored reports and research discussing the theory that different horses treat their rugs in different ways. We have concluded that there are three types of horses. So, why not see which type of horse you own and watch the corresponding video that will help you decide on which rug is perfect for your horse type.

Is your horse a rug wrecker?
Does your horse and its friends see rugs as toys to play with or a challenge to destroy? Do you rug your horse up each day and know they are thinking... "Woo hoo - it is time to get outside and ruin my rug!"?

Well, if that is the attitude of your horse then check out this video and find out which WeatherBeeta rug is perfect for you and your horse.

Is your horse a rug Houdini?
Is your horse determined to escape from their rug at any opportunity? Do you often return to find them looking smug, having dumped their rug in the corner of the field with a face that says..."Who me? I didn't do that!"?

If it is a Houdini horse that you own then this video can help you decide on the perfect rug to suit your needs.

Is your horse rug friendly?
Are you one of the lucky ones whose rugs seem to last forever? Is your horse a superstar that loves to play but would never dream of being naughty enough to ruin their rug?