Young farmer makes emotional plea after around 200 ewes and lambs are stolen from farm - £5,000 reward offer

Young farmer makes emotional plea after around 200 ewes and lambs are stolen from farm - £5,000 reward offer

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A young farmer has made an emotional plea on social media after around 200 ewes and lambs were stolen from her farm.

Lorna Sidebottom, 23, received the devastating news while on holiday in Venice that 71 ewes had been stolen from the farm in Staffordshire - along with around 128 lambs last week.

Some lambs were left behind without their mothers.

Her father, farm owner Richard Sidebottom, has offered a reward of £5,000 for the successful prosecution of the person or people responsible for the theft.

The Middlewich young farmer told Farmers Guardian: "I’m on a mission to find out what’s happened to them and to get some justice.

"I’m overwhelmed about how much support we’ve had online from far and wide - people offering their help. I’ve had 10k shares on Facebook. Someone, somewhere must know or have seen something.

"We have dairy, beef, sheep and pigs. We have a few farms and sheep in various places across the North West, Staffs, Derbyshire and Cheshire.

"All of our ewes and lambs are ear marked with specific notches in both ears. They also have a red mark on their hip. All lambs have a single yellow tag, however, our ewes have a mix of our own tags and bought in tags.

"This is the second time this year that sheep have been stolen.

"I’m hoping that the power of Facebook will give us some information. Please, please share this post as these sheep could be anywhere by now. If anyone hears anything please let us know."

  • You can contact Lorna with information on 07534 964911

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