AniMac: Our Family Story

AniMac: Our Family Story

AniMac is the latest project to emerge from a family tradition dating back to the 1960’s. Based in the North of England, the business is a continuation of over 40 years of experience specialising in the development and manufacturing of Animal wear.

Then and Now

Our story began with Sid Thorowgood and his wife Lil. Together with their five children, they upped-sticks and left London for new beginnings in New Zealand. Based on Aucklands, North Shore, Sid established a small business manufacturing canvas tents and sleeping bags for camping enthusiasts. According to family legend, one morning a lady stumbled into the showroom and asked if Sid could try his hand at producing a horse rug. Not being one to turn down business and having all the necessary materials at hand, he did, and that was the start of our families involvement in the equine industry.

The business became focused on making horse rugs. As the children joined the force, they expanded into other equine items such as leather strapping and saddles. They began supplying other shops around New Zealand and by the late 70’s were developing relationships with the East and importing products to wholesale.

Within the next 10 years, the kids had branched out into Australia and the UK to expand the family business. Middle child Peter, followed in his father's footsteps, moving his wife and two children to the heart of the leather industry in Walsall, England in 1984.

Fascinated by the construction and technical design of saddles, Peter saw an opportunity to utilise new materials and production methods to develop a new synthetic saddle. Peter became one of the largest manufacturers of saddles in the world, employing 70 staff, producing upto 800 saddles every week.

Peter returned to New Zealand with his family in the 90’s and opened Saddlery Warehouse. What started as a small retail shop, importing products from overseas, quickly became New Zealand's largest Saddlery chain with shops up and down the country. This became the training ground for his son Nathan, who spent over 15 years developing his knowledge and expertise in the industry.

In 2016, following in his father’s footsteps Nathan moved to the North West of England with his partner and started AniMac. The business is focused on producing high quality animal wear that maximise the benefits of both natural and synthetic materials.